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– Experience New Zealand – Go to High School – Learn English –

Studying at a High School in New Zealand is an unforgettable experience for you and a worthwhile investment in your future. Your English will improve quickly, you will live with native speakers and will make new, international friendships. You will grow as a person and strengthen your character. We at YougoNZ are here to help you realize this dream.

New Zealand is the ideal country for an overseas experience. The island state in the South Pacific offers a very good school system with interesting subject combinations  that are different from your school at home. New Zealanders are known for their friendliness, you can quickly make new English-speaking friends and extend your language skills efficiently in a natural way. In addition, New Zealand’s nature is incredibly diverse and fascinating to explore. Ideal conditions for an unforgettable experience!

As an agency, YougoNZ is present abroad as well as in New Zealand. We know different cultures, schoolsystems and countries. Living in New Zealand ourselves we know where the most suitable places and schools are. We offer you help and support before and during your stay.

YougoNZ stands for security, personal support and experience.

Here is why you will experience an extraordinary stay with YougoNZ.

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