About YougoNZ

YougoNZ is an agency with its headquarter in New Zealand, Whanganui on the North Island and branches in Germany as well as in China.

YougoNZ has the focus to help and enable international students to benefit from the educational offerings in New Zealand. Focus is on
    – students coming from Germany, aged between 14 and 17 for a High School stay
    – students coming from China, aged between 8 and 14 years. They either attend primary school or go to High School

YouGoNZ follows a high quality approach, following particularly 3 important quality principles

In depth knowledge of the market
YougoNZ has in depth experience with the school system and providers in New Zealand as well as knowledge of the systems in Germany respectively China. The founders, Matthias and Verena Nowak, came from Germany to New Zealand 9 years ago to settle there with 5 kids. They know the New Zealand system out of own experience as well as the German system.
Ding Hong has migrated to New Zealand from China and brings in her China expertise.

YougoNZ is present in both countries, the country the students come from as well as New Zealand.  We cooperate with selected High Schools in New Zealand will help you to make the right choice. 

Personal Approach
We keep ongoing personal contact with our foreign students and look after them. We provide 24 – 7 service if required


All this together ensures an exceptionally good and personal support system.

Now have a look at the high schools you can choose from.

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