Everyone is different
We have different talents, hobbies,
strengths and weaknesses.

This needs to be reflected in the choice
of a High School.

We have selected the High Schools we work with carefully. The selection is based on a set of criteria to cover all important topics and allow for excellent variety:


Some schools more focus on academic excellence, others more focus on various experiences such as outdoor activity, vocational subjects, or culture


The size of the school and its experience with international students


There is a variety of options ranging from large city to rural areas


The range of academic subjects, sports, arts, applied subjects, extra-curricular activity


Most students choose to stay with a kiwi family and some schools offer boarding at the campus with house managers. We also do our best to find the right place for students


Last not least, balancing the budget and value for money is necessary to get the best out of the stay

Have a look at a selection of the most popular schools in our portfolio.