Our Story

We, Matt and Verena Nowak, moved from Germany to New Zealand with our 5 kids in 2010.
YougoNZ was founded in the following year 2011.
All our children went to the school in New Zealand. As well as our children growing up in here, YougoNZ has been growing too.

It has its headquarter in one of the charming cities in New Zealand, Whanganui.
We are here to dedicate to providing unique and individualised service to the families and students as we’ve always been.

Our Students mainly coming from Germany, Europe and China. They show great enthusiasm in not only studying but also learning to be themselves in New Zealand.

Based on our experience, we support our students and take care of them as if they are our children.

Our Vision

YouGoNZ follows a high quality approach, following particularly 3 important quality principles

1. In depth knowledge of the market

We focus on markets we know out of own experience. That way we can give professional advice – in the country the students come from as well as in New Zealand.
We cooperate with selected High Schools in New Zealand will help you to make the right choice.

2. Presence

YougoNZ is present in both countries, the country the students come from as on site in New Zealand. That way we can support the student during his stay in an optimal way and help to integrate and meet interesting people.

3. Personal Approach

Everyone of us is unique and has different requirements. We listen to your requirements and look after the students.
We provide 24 – 7 service if required



Matt Nowak

Matt is looking after the overall operations and supports the students coming from Germany.

Verena Nowak

She is focusing on the ongoing support of the students onsite in New Zealand and holds tight relationship with the schools and homestay families.

Our Offering