Helen Bunner

To all of you who are thinking about going to New Zealand: Don’t make the mistake I’ve nearly did. I was too scared about coming here to New Zealand. Do it! Today I am so glad that I have done it and did stay here for six months. 

I have been here for half a year and enjoy my High school live. In two and a half weeks I am home again and if I am honest then my feelings about going home are not only positive. I am really looking forward to see my family again and to the German food. When I am coming home I will have a big BBQ. But that are the only two reasons why I want to go back home. 

Actually I don’t want to go back, not so soon. I fell in love with this country and its people. The school here is awesome. I did never think that I would say that, but I really like going to school here. The subjects are interesting and the teachers are gentle and helpful. As well as the students are. You can choose the subjects you want and there are so many subjects you can choose.  One of my favourite events here was the “Cultural Festival”, where every country is cooking specialties from their country and is doing a performance. We had so much fun. There are students from China, Vietnam, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Brazil, Germany and even one boy from Iceland.  

One of my favourite subjects here is “Outdoor Education”. We learned things about the plants, animals and people that are living in New Zealand and had so many great trips. My favourite trip is the “Tongariro Crossing”, where we walked eight hours long through a volcanic active territory and did pass Mt. Doom, the mountain from “Lord of the rings”. After I finish school at home I want to come back to New Zealand and see the South Island and do the “Tongariro Crossing” again. What I will miss as well in Germany are the New Zealand beaches. Here are so many different and beautiful beaches and the sea looks different every time. What all this beaches are sharing is the black sand and that they are amazing. One time I was at the beach at night time. That was so exciting. 

I could talk about so many things I saw and so many experiences I had done, but then I would never end. But at least I want to thank my host family, who became true friends, my supportive teachers and Matt and Verena, who have been there for us all the time and did help us. This time here I count to the best times I ever had in my live and nobody can take this from me again.

Helen Bunner