Leonie Muerle

My time in New Zealand was the best time of my life. Though I have to admit that the first six weeks were pretty hard. I was missing my family, friends and the German food. But my host family and new friends helped me feeling like I was at home. Now I consider New Zealand as my home! I made a lot of friends from all over the world but my best friends and my boyfriend are Kiwis. I loved going to school because I could spend time with them and the classes were way more relaxing than the classes in Germany.

My favourite subjects were Fashion and New Zealand Studies in which we visited lots of places around Wellington. I also went to Taupo and Rotorua with my host family and I made a tour on the South Island as well as a tour to Australia with a group of international students. Unfortunately the weather during my stay in New Zealand wasn’t that good. It got very cold in August and September but I got used to it. Of course we had nice days as well on which I got very sunburnt. But Wellington on a nice day is actually the most beautiful city I know! I’m going to miss New Zealand so much, especially my friends. But I’m planing to come back with my family to visit them and the amazing country. I’m so glad that I’ve done this exchange because I feel more confident now -not only with the English language! I can recommend it to anyone who wants to spend some relaxing months in an English speaking country with the nicest people and the most beautiful nature.

Thank you so much for everything!
Greetings and merry Christmas,