The cost of staying in New Zealand can be split in 3 categories

1. Basic Costs

Our price proposition already includes the essential cost blocks to ensure planability and simplicity. The basic costs are already covered by the offer price.

These vary depending on the selected school / location and the length of stay / length of the term.
– School fees (registration, administration, tution fees, tax, special fees for internet, etc.)
– Insurance
– Introduction days and 2 excursions
– Care, Support
– Accommodation and catering

2. Travel

The flight prices vary, depending on when you book and for what period. In this respect, we can only give reference values here. Travel agency like STA have a lot of experience with arranging flights to New Zealand.

3. Other costs

Separately, elective services and personal expenses are to be covered
– Visa (ca. 150 EUR unique)
– School Uniform (ca. 150 EUR unique)
– School Supplies (ca 150 EUR)

4. Optional costs

– For additional hobbies and travel
– Pocket Money
– Extraordinary school events (optional)


We have compiled what total costs you will get. The prices are based on the current cost of the shoulder 2017/2018: